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1song_3days's Journal

+ A new song every three days = love +
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We'll try to stop the dream we're dreaming
But they can't stop us from believing
They will fill your head with doubt
Well, that won't stop us now...


Welcome to 1song_3days!

This is the brainchild of gemkazoni, who just felt like giving back to the people. One of her favorite things is finding new songs, and she knows that many feel the same way. Thus, she decided to fulfill the wish of others! Every three days, she uploads a new song, and members can download, comment, and just plain enjoy! She's cool like that. :D

A few rules, though, if you please.

=== This community is friends only, as well as having a closed membership. If it was open to the public, people wouldn't bother joining and instead just snatch the songs, which makes the mod angry. There was recently a system where potential members were to only apply and would then be invited. But because invitations have become rather bothersome, the system has been tweaked. Now, please DO click the 'join community' link at the top of the page. BUT you must still manually apply! Please do so at THIS POST, saying something simple like 'I want to be a member, KTHNX.'. The mod wants to make sure ya'll are paying attention. It's as simple as that, people.

Know, though, that in the first few months of the community's existence, there will be set limit of members, a number the mod will decide on later. Only the first hundred people to apply will be accepted. If you want to join, do so early, because once the count reaches the maximum, no new members will be allowed for a spell.

=== gemkazoni's music is incredibly diverse. She listens to nearly everything, from rock to pop to country to jazz to foreign. That means you will be seeing ALL kinds of music here, and most likely, some things you don't prefer yourself. Yes, there will be Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Yes, there will be Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. Yes, there will be Linkin Park and Simple Plan. Yes, there will be Evanescense and Green Day. Yes, there will be T.A.T.U and Melissa Etheridge. If any of that bothers you, that's fine, because there will be tons of different stuff as well, from every artist and band under the sun, practically. But DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT COMPLAINING. That is a one way ticket to banishment! Yes, the mod understands you may hate Hillary Duff with the passion of a thousand suns, or that you think Evanescense should be burned alive, but she does not want to SEE these things in comments. Once again, she WILL ban you without hesitation. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!

=== Also, another biggie...do not leave comments requesting songs! They will be ignored! The mod uploads the songs she wants to upload; it is her own choice. The only songs she WILL take requests for are songs she's already posted. AND there will be a specific post for that soon enough, so do NOT leave comments about it in song posts! Another good way to get banned right there.

=== All songs are uploaded via YouSendIt.com, until something better can be found. That means links will eventually expire. When a link has expired, it will be crossed out. Like stated above, there will be a request post for the reuploading of songs with expired links.

=== After becoming a member, PLEASE remember to leave comments when downloading songs. At least a simple 'taking' would be helpful. Plus, discussions over songs are definitely allowed! Be lively! If you have a question about the meaning of the song, the lyrics, or anything else, don't hesitate to ask in a comment! The mod loves stuff like that. :D

That's about it! Apply! Comment! Enjoy the music!

Oh, and be sure to refer 1song_3days to your friends!